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Fireside Chat: Achieving Nirvana: Consumer Experience Meets Consumer Intimacy

As retailers and consumer product companies react to the market’s instant-gratification expectations, the pressure to move closer to customers physically and digitally is straining their legacy supply chain processes that were built for mass efficiencies. How can they create a frictionless supply chain with outsourced providers and determine the right set of priorities amid evolving global economic, social, and consumer trends?

Join this fireside chat-style keynote session to hear executive perspectives from supply chain leaders on their unique industry challenges and priorities in the face of evolving global economic, social, and consumer trends.

Purpose-Driven: When Doing Good Drives Business Value

From food to fashion, companies are connecting with consumers by sharing their purpose and vision. Customers want to know that the brands and retailers they follow are aligned with their passions. Our panelists will share how they’re living their purpose and engaging their customer base by leading with a value proposition focused on doing good in their communities.

Track 2: Operational Excellence
  • Ward Dingmann
    SVP of Supply Chain, Bob's Discount Furniture
  • Praful Karanth
    Industry Executive Advisor for Retail and Supply Chain, SAP